Pedal Board

Pedal Board Project

I don’t often use guitar pedals, but they are good for creatively messing up the ‘clean’ sounds from my synths. It was always a bit of a hassle setting them up though, and as you know I like a project, so I put together a basic pedal board. All fairly standard stuff, but I introduced a Behringer Micromix mini mixer in the chain so that I can mix the wet and dry signals from the VD400 vintage delay. It also allows me to create some feedback loops by using output B from the reverb and putting it into Input 3 on the mixer.

My requirements were also that they should be powered off of a single plug. The pedals were straightforward in that regard, but the mixer used 12v rather than the 9v pedal’s typical need.

The solution came in the form of the Donner DP-2 Guitar Pedal Power Supply, which has 10 outputs including one at 12v. The included power lead didn’t fit the socket of the mixer though, and I also needed to invert the polarity too, so had to invest in a couple of adapters which did the trick!

Some cable ties helped to control the rat’s nest of wires underneath and I added some castors too. Originally, there were 4 castors, but I decided to remove 2 of them so the board tilts at a nice angle.

The photos look a little wonky, but that’s just the angle of the photo – they are square, honest!