Just a quick update on what I’ve been working on of late. (Apart from cracking out a few remixes for AcidPlanet competitions that is!)

I’ve been asked to contribute a track to a forthcoming SynthVox Summer compilation (not that the UK weather is anything like summery at the moment). This will be some original ScarKord material rather than a remix, I’m just trying to decide what style of track will work best. Got a nice little electronica piece I’ve been tinkering with, with the working title of ‘Dreams in Plastic’ which is the current frontrunner. Just finished adding in an oboe part (really) which I think sounds cool. Just gotta squeeze in a string part and some drum edits then I think it will be finished.

I’m also collaborating with my old friend Cosmo Valseca of Clear Air Turbulence again, contributing some keyboard overdubs to his latest demos.

The track ‘Sail Instead’ is now on Cosmo’s Myspace page and features my keyboard parts on the chorus.