Stylophone feedback modification

I came across a blog entry on Jim Purbrick’s website, detailing a feedback modification for the new stylophones that creates some nasty, distorted tones. (Nice!)

The modification works by routing the headphone output into the mp3 input thus creating a feedback loop. I managed to find a couple of alternative feedback points too (some switched, some through potentiometers) and also took the opportunity to reposition the pitch bend knob to the front panel.

A word of warning though, the quality of the factory soldering and indeed the wiring itself is pretty poor and I managed to inadvertently rip the vibrato switch off of the circuit board – taking the soldering point with it! Fortunately, everything else is working fine and I’ve repurposed the vibrato switch for a couple of bend points which generate a constant drone – much easier than struggling with the stylus.

Thanks to Jim for the idea!