We have the technology

… as they once said about Steve Austin.

Anyway, got a message from Colin about his model of the Sony drum machine…

“My one was different to the one you got there, there was a jack input rather than a jack out and it came with both a pair of headphones and a mini jack to jack lead. I got mine in the Sony shop in Japan.”

That all sounds a lot more sensible. I assume the jack input was to allow you to drum on top of another track by connecting a CD player to it. Why on earth they decided to put a trailing lead on mine rather than a headphone jack I’ll never know.

Still, those issues and more have been addressed now – The Sony is better, stronger, faster 🙂

The first thing to be added was a 1/4″ jack and I also added an 8 phono matrix patch panel. Some of the wiring combinations give you some nicely distorted sounds 🙂

* Oh, and here’s a link to the Six Million Dollar Man – Wikipedia Entry in case you don’t know who Steve Austin is. Who said this blog wasn’t educational!