Well that was fun!

The live set was fantastic. Very nervous for the first couple of minutes, but once I got into it, I loved it! Think I was a little overambitious trying to play live drum parts through my Korg PadKontrol on the opening track, at the same time as handling the usual Ableton clip triggering stuff, but managed to get through without any technical hitches! Although the Korg Kaoss Pad I’d rigged up didn’t even get used! Doh! The mini Akai keyboard connected to the dblue glitch plugin went down a treat though.

The music seemed to go down well with the crowd too, considering most of them would have never heard it before. Even had a few drunken Australian girls dancing in front of me at one point. Would have been even better had it been to one of the dancier tracks 😉

Other highlights include the guy to my right who insisted on whooping and hand clapping every time I dropped the beats out and brought them back in again (using the APC40’s crossfader) and a chat with one of the other acts who said afterwards “Are you sure you’ve never played live before?” which made me feel a whole lot more confident.

Anyway, I loved it, the crowd seemed to as well and the organisers have given me an open invitation to play again in the future (although I think my two boys being home for the 6 week School holidays might scupper that for the time being). Maybe next year 🙁

Set list for those who are interested in that sort of thing was :-

It is Forbidden / Strands / Krafty (Previously Unreleased) / Energy Storm / Thud Funk / Noisy Acid

For an encore, I played my Madame Guillotine remix, complete with operatic vocals and glitches. And funny enough, that was the one that got the Aussie girls dancing the most! You live and learn 😉