Exciting times!

It’s all kicking off! The feedback on Reverbnation has been great for the ‘Throwing Stones’ tracks and I’m positively flying up their electronica charts. (Currently #54 in London and #999 worldwide)

On top of that, I’m off to Leeds this weekend to do a bit of recording with Cosmo of Clear Air Turbulence

But the really exciting news is that I’ve been in touch with a local singer/songwriter who’s looking for a collaborator to help get his Electro soul act of the ground. Had a listen to some of his work and he has a FANTASTIC voice and a singing style all his own, the tunes aren’t half bad either. I won’t name him at this point, as I don’t want to jinx it, but initial e-mail contact has been promising, he likes the ScarKord stuff and we’re meeting for a music chat next week!

Anyway, I’m pretty sure one of the above three projects will result in live gigs which I’m so looking forward to finally doing.