Electronica EP update

It’s no good. I’m far too self-conscious with this singing stuff. “Not Moving On” is all but finished, but I must have re-recorded the vocal about 20 times already, including harmony parts, and am still not 100% happy with it, so think I’ll park that project for the moment. I’m sure revisiting it with a clear pair of ears in the new year will give me back some much needed objectivity.

The good news is things are progressing nicely on the electronica EP and the first two tracks are finished, “Dreams in Plastic” and “Throwing Stones”. These are veering more towards the cinematic soundtrack side but there will also be a mix of uptempo numbers on the EP to balance things out a bit. Hoping to have the finished EP ready for the new year.

On the collaboration front, Cosmo from Clear Air Turbulence is keen for us to put together a live show next year. This will likely be a mixture of C.A.T.¬†and ScarKord material and I’m just working out the logistics at the moment and listening through C.A.T.¬†material to get a rough running order together. We’re also working on some new C.A.T. demos, with me adding additional keyboard parts and sequences to flesh things out a bit.