ScarKord Sings

Quick update on what I’m working on. I’ve made a conscious decision to stop remixing for a while so as to wade through the literally hundreds of music ideas I’ve been filing away on my hard-drive for the last few years. Early days, but I’m hoping that out of this will come a pure electronic EP and a song-based album. I’m also terribly late with sending through a track for the Synthvox compilation, but that’s another story 🙂

The song based album in particular is turning into quite an interesting experiment. I’ve always written lyrics, but never been that happy when I demo them in a song form as they sound (to me) quite cringe-worthy and make me very self-conscious.

However, I’m doing my best to disable my inner critic until I have a body of work I’m happy(ish) with, then I’ll probably remix it as if it was someone else’s album! The first result of this experiment is an almost 20 year old song which I’ve just finished the ‘someone else’ version of and am now starting to give the ScarKord remix treatment. It might even work 😉