Studio revamp

Picture of my Eurorack Modular Synth

Had a bit of a purge and downsized from three Mantis Eurorack cases to two. I took all the modules out, then put them back in a logical (and ruthless) order, being honest with myself about what I actually use. It all feels a lot more cohesive now and more like an instrument rather than a collection of random modules.

I also took the opportunity to rethink my sequencing and integration with the computer as I had a lot of duplication, never finding a solution I was truly happy with. So, out went the Turing machine, the Expert Sleepers ES-40, CV Pal, the Erica Black VC Clock, Pico Trigg and DrumGirl. And instead, I’ve finally embraced the Beatstep Pro that I’m ashamed to say has spent more time in it’s box than out of it! What prompted this change of heart was investing in the ALM mmMidi and mmT modules which take a single stereo jack from the Beatstep MIDI Out and make all the patch points available directly in the rack. It’s been an absolute game changer for me. I’ve also repurposed the ODIO audio interface which I previously used to integrate with my iPad and found it works really well with Ableton CV Tools to send clock signals around the system.

I did decide to invest in a few new things with the money gained from the unused modules, including a Moog DFAM (Drummer from another Mother).

The DFAM is… AWESOME! Taking the raw sound straight out of the VCA rewards you with a full, bone crunching bass and fizzy, crunchy white noise that combine to make some amazing beats. I’m sure in a mix they would be a bit dominant, but I was seriously impressed! It’s something I’ve had my eye on for a while and worthy of sacrificing the rack space for. Plus it has copious modulation options so plays well with the rest of my system.

It does mean I’m pretty spoilt for choice in the Eurorack percussion department, what with my ALM Taiko’s and Mutant Bassdrum, but you can truly get some unique sounds with this selection of modules.

Other than that, it was just the usual reorganising of the desk real-estate. Really pleased with how it’s turned out. Think I may make a few more tweaks though.