Studio revamp 2021

Well, despite selling a ton of unused gear, I’ve reverted back to a ‘Triple Mantis case’ and started filling it up again.

This definitely isn’t the final configuration, and I have a few additional modules on order including more Behringer System 100 items.

I’ve also built a new rack which the synth sits on, complete with pull-out shelves for the Beatstep Pro and controller pod. The Beatstep is permanently wired to the mmMidi module so it’s up and ready immediately, with all trigger outs and sequencers working off a single cable! That said, I’m not using it as much as I probably should be and get more joy out of using clock sequencers, dividers and multipliers. I guess it’s a combination of simplicity and randomness that results in patterns I wouldn’t have otherwise come up with. And that’s largely the point of Eurorack isn’t it? So, I may still sell the Beatstep in the new year.

The method I used to attach the third Mantis was a bit of an experiment, but is surprisingly stable. Didn’t realise that when you bend the Mantis legs past their normal position they lock perfectly where I needed them to! I will revisit this to make it more aesthetically pleasing, but for now, it’s fully usable!